Expert Planning/Packaging of BULK LONG TERM STORAGE FOODS

Open Friday and Saturday 10 AM - 3 PM

Now accepting Sunday thru Thursday appointments. Call during regular business hours or email to schedule. $150 minimum purchase.

With plenty of food, people have plenty of problems. With a shortage of food, people have ONLY ONE VERY PRESSING PROBLEM! Since the beginning of 2014, long-term food storage is proving to be one of the wisest investments in terms of return on investment (ROI)

New "stuff":

  • Barefoot Biochar for soil improvement to grow more food.
  • Forever Eggs egg shelf life extender.

On occasion store hours vary to accommodate training sessions etc. If you are coming from a distance please call ahead to be sure we are open. If you are coming from a distance and are serious about stocking, please call and talk to us about an after hours appointment.

508 W Mill - On Hwy 13 at Humansville, MO

Phone 417 754-8787

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